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 On SLOW ROAD, Vince Neads’s first new release, the singer/guitarist has recorded an album packed with lyrics and tunes that not only touch upon his love of the blues, but his own definition of many other different genres. Slow Road — touches upon many other different facets, such as country, rock as well as rhythm and blues — The title - Slow Road reflects the journey through the different genres from the opening song 'Down The Track' which is essentially about a game of craps with the devil.... "it does have a sort of double meaning in some ways"and is the perfect opener for the 10 varied tracks on the record.  
Neads began playing guitar when he was twelve years old after building his own solid bodied version out of an Oak table.
His father helped him buy a pickup and a few other necessary parts to complete the build.
needless to say that although it worked it wasn't the easiest thing to actually play as Vince had not installed a truss rod into the neck and the string tension had bowed the neck quite severely.
An encounter with the legendary Bert Weedon soon followed when he was booked to play at the club owned by Vince's father.
After that Vince's first real electric was purchased for £21 at the nearest music shop.
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